What pet should I get?

Hello everyone!

Charlotte is helping us to learn English in so many ways!

She explain us that story that we found it hilarious!

It’s about two kids that have to choose a pet for their house and finally…. what pet do you think they get?

Here there are some of the pets we thought they get!

You can listen to the story in that video



Some little monsters

Hi everyone!

These weeks we have been working on Halloween and we discovered a terrific song.


We made our own video. Do you want to watch it?



Owl’s project

Hello everybody!

The students from 1st grade are doing a project about the owls, our class animal.

Do you want to see how do we work?


We review the owl’s body parts.


We study the owl’s life cycle.


Did you see how do we learn at the same time that we had fun?



Charlotte is here!

Hello students! I am very happy to be at your school this year!


I was very excited to watch your video…




So here you have my video!


Summer is here

Hi everybody

Summer has finally arrived! Yeaah!


Your English teachers have prepared some special homework for you, to help you not to forget English.


Activities for P5: https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/p545

Activities for Cicle inicial (1r i 2n):https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/cicleinicial116

Activities for Cicle Mitjà (3r i 4t):https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/ciclemitja92

Activities for Cicle Superior (5è i 6è): https://www.symbaloo.com/shared/AAAABEyJiYoAA41_lLXnQQ==


Have fun and practice English

The English teachers team



Hola a tots

Per fi ha arribat l’estiu! Iujuuu!

Els vostres mestres d’anglès us han preparat uns deures especials per vosaltres, per ajudar-vos a no oblidar l’anglès.

Passeu-ho bé i practiqueu anglès


L’equip de mestres d’anglès.


Theatre in English on 16th of November

Hi everyone


Last Thursday 16th of November all students from Primary went to IES Jonqueres to watch theatre plays.


1st and 2nd grade watched  “Stone Soup”, a play about the Little Red Hen and the Big Bad Wolf.


3rd and 4th grade watched “A Monkey’s tale”, a play about an orangutan called Capuccino who lives in a zoo.

5th and 6th watched ” The Lemon Thieves”, a play about a detective who has to solve a case.

Studens enjoyed watching the play and participating and asking questions to the actors.

We all had so much fun!


Hola a tots

El passat dijous 16 de novembre tots els alumnes de primària vam anar a l’Institut Jonqueres a veure unes obres de teatre.

1r i 2n van veure “Stone Soup”, una obra sobre la Little Red Hen i el Big Bad Wolf.

3r i 4t van veure “A Monkey’s tale”, una obra sobre un orangutan anomenat Capuccino, que viu en un zoo.

5è i 6è van veure “The Lemon Thieves”, una obra sobre un detectiu que ha de resoldre un cas.


Els estudiants s’ho van passar bé veient les obres, participant i fent preguntes als actors.

Tots ens vam divertir.