4t Let’s practice vocabulary!

Practice vocabulary about the respiratory and the digestive sytems with Quizlet. Let’s go!:






Practica el vocabulary del sistema respiratori i del sistema digestiu amb Quizlet. Som-hi!

4t Digestive system

Where does food go when we eat? New project!: The digestive system.





On va el menjar quan mengen? Nou projecte!: El sistema digestiu.

Some little monsters

Hi everyone!

These weeks we have been working on Halloween and we discovered a terrific song.


We made our own video. Do you want to watch it?



Go away terrible monsters

Hello you all!


These days we have been working on Halloween with 2nd graders.

We learnt this song.



And we create our own spooky creatures to made our cover of the song.


Hope you had a terrific time listening to it!

Owl’s project

Hello everybody!

The students from 1st grade are doing a project about the owls, our class animal.

Do you want to see how do we work?


We review the owl’s body parts.


We study the owl’s life cycle.


Did you see how do we learn at the same time that we had fun?



Charlotte is here!

Hello students! I am very happy to be at your school this year!


I was very excited to watch your video…




So here you have my video!


Scary creations with clay

Wow!” That was really scary!

3rd grade pupils did their best to make halloween creations with playdough. Vampires, witches, pumpkins… It was amazing, and they enjoyed so much! 🙂

Halloween 2018

Here you have some pictures from our really scary Halloween!! I hope you had fun!

4th Halloween

Some challenges and work in group for a terrifying Halloween!!!




Alguns reptes i feina en grup per a un Halloween terrorífic!

Breathe in, breathe out…

We have finished our first project: the respiratory system. We have learned a lot of things about our lungs and how they work. Do you know that one is bigger than the other? We also have practised CPR. Fun and learning!







Hem acabat el nostre primer projecte: l’aparell respiratori. Hem après moltes coses sobre els nostres pulmons i com treballen. Saps que un és més gran que l’altre? També hem practicat la RCP. Diversió i aprenentatge!