Hey there, this is my city!

Pupils from 3rd grade have made a Sabadell’s map and written the places of this city in english. Can you recognize them? We love our city, we love Sabadell!

4th Numbers are cool!

Let’s play bingo and remember the numbers!





Juguem al bingo i recordem els nombres!

4th ABC song

Let’s remember the alphabet!



Recordem l’abecedari!

Merry christmas!


What pet should I get?

Hello everyone!

Charlotte is helping us to learn English in so many ways!

She explain us that story that we found it hilarious!

It’s about two kids that have to choose a pet for their house and finally…. what pet do you think they get?

Here there are some of the pets we thought they get!

You can listen to the story in that video



Charlotte is here!

Hello students! I am very happy to be at your school this year!


I was very excited to watch your video…




So here you have my video!


4th Halloween

Some challenges and work in group for a terrifying Halloween!!!




Alguns reptes i feina en grup per a un Halloween terrorífic!

Breathe in, breathe out…

We have finished our first project: the respiratory system. We have learned a lot of things about our lungs and how they work. Do you know that one is bigger than the other? We also have practised CPR. Fun and learning!







Hem acabat el nostre primer projecte: l’aparell respiratori. Hem après moltes coses sobre els nostres pulmons i com treballen. Saps que un és més gran que l’altre? També hem practicat la RCP. Diversió i aprenentatge!

Summer is here

Hi everybody

Summer has finally arrived! Yeaah!


Your English teachers have prepared some special homework for you, to help you not to forget English.


Activities for P5: https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/p545

Activities for Cicle inicial (1r i 2n):https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/cicleinicial116

Activities for Cicle Mitjà (3r i 4t):https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/ciclemitja92

Activities for Cicle Superior (5è i 6è): https://www.symbaloo.com/shared/AAAABEyJiYoAA41_lLXnQQ==


Have fun and practice English

The English teachers team



Hola a tots

Per fi ha arribat l’estiu! Iujuuu!

Els vostres mestres d’anglès us han preparat uns deures especials per vosaltres, per ajudar-vos a no oblidar l’anglès.

Passeu-ho bé i practiqueu anglès


L’equip de mestres d’anglès.


We have bones and muscles!

We are learning about bones and muscles. The names are very difficult but we are very good students!

Play Quizlet here:





Go on!


Estem aprenent sobre els ossos i els músculs. Els noms són molt difícils però nosaltres som molt bons estudiants!