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Number 39!

Let's celebrate!

This calls for celebration!

When activity started in this blog we probably didn’t know that it was going to receive so many visits. After less than a month this blog is listed as number 39 by the Departament d’ Educació. That means that, of all the 4972 blogs at, this is one of the most active!

I am very pleased. It probably confirms that, despite what many people think, the internet can really become a learning tool and an extension of what we do in the classroom.

Això s’ ha de celebrar!

Quan aquest bloc va començar probablement no ens podíem imaginar que rebria tantes visites. Després de menys d’ un mes, aquest bloc ha arribat a la posició número 39 segons el Departament d’ Educació. Això vol dir que, de tots els 4972 blogs a l’, aquest és un dels més actius.

Estic molt content. Probablement això confirme que, malgrat el que molta gent pensa, la xarxa pot convertir-se en una eina més d’ aprenentatge i una extensió del que es fa a l’ aula.

Free Catalan-English dictionary!

The ‘Dacco‘ project (Diccionari Anglès-Català de Codi Obert) started the creation of a dictionary some years ago. The philosophy of this project is that everyone can participate and contribute with words and translations, similar to the way ‘wikipedia’ works.

It is not perfect, but it is getting better and better with time. If you want to look up a word, simply use the search function (‘ctrl + f’ or ‘ctrl + b’) and type the word you want.

The file is compressed to only 5.1 mb zip, but it may take a while to begin the download.