En aquest espai, els alumnes de primària podeu fer els vostres comentaris sobre les lectures amb CD que us emporteu de prèstec a casa. Si el llibre és de la col·lecció Macmillan també podeu escoltar el conte anant a la pàgina següent, només cal escollir el nivell i conte i anar a Audio.

552 comentaris a “Readers

  1. “The dinosaur who lost his ROAR”: My favourite part was when he saw some footprints and saw Rex!!
    I like this book very much!

  2. Hello,Meche!
    I read “Colin’s colours ”
    Thanks this story I learn the colours of rainbow My favorite colour is red
    My favorite colour is red

  3. Hi Claudia,
    I read a picnic surprise history, this history is very beatiful and funny!!!

  4. I have read the Dom’s Dragon story. Dom wants to have a dragon and he makes it with things he has at home. I have enjoyed very much!

  5. Hello Merche! I read the book Pip the Pirate, my favourite part was when the monkey fell in the hole. I like the book very much! ☺ Kisses, Joana

  6. The cartepillar has become a beautiful butterfly.l love it, bye.

  7. I’ve just read ”smellybear” but i don’t like it so much.
    For me the story is unusual.☺

  8. I like english blog! He vist amb la meva mare els videos i hem cantat les cançons de halloween…menys la que ballarem que la he vist sól perquè és una sorpresa!

  9. The games is fantastic my score is 200,100,56.
    i recomenade this

  10. I’ve read “The Unhappy Giant” and I like it. I don’t like that the giant is too much angry. My favourite part is when the children plays at the giant’s garden.

  11. I like Aladin movies very much.
    The princess and Aladin are not very inteligent.
    Thank you Merche.
    By Queralt

  12. I read the book called London: A day in the city. I like it a lot!. I learned a lot of things of London, like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London’s Eye, etc… I read and heard the book and the CD.
    I read too the comic. It’s about a friends staying in a park of London called Hyde Park.

    See you!. Bye bye!!

  13. I really like dinosaurs and so does mi brother, so we trully enjoyed listening to the story “Where’s Rex?” with our mum.

  14. Hello Ester,
    I have read the book “The Christmas Mouse”. I think that it is an interesting story. I liked it very much, specially the mouse’s voice. It has a happy end. Bye Bye

  15. Hi Ester!
    I’m Arnau, this week I read the book: Real monsters and the princess and the dragon. I liked both of them a lot. But my favourite part of the book, was the story of the princess and the dragon.
    The book has a happy end, but not as I expected.
    Bye, bye.

  16. Hello Merche,
    This book was funny! It’s called “Dom’s dragon”.
    I liked when Dom went for a walk with his dragon and his lovely cat.
    Kisses from Bruna!

  17. Hello Merche,
    I’ve seen the film “Goldielocks and three bears”.
    I like it a little bit. The thing I liked most was the three bears because they were very cute.
    Kind regards,

  18. I’ ve watched the Goldilocks and the 3 bears story.
    I liked it very much because the characters were funny and Goldilocks was a bit naughty in the bears house.

  19. Hello Merche. The book “Eddie’s exercise” I liked very much. My favorite part is when Eddie play football.

  20. Hello Esther,
    I have readed the book “Students in Space”.I liked because its very funny.Bie bye

  21. Hello,
    I have readed the book “the little Mermaid” and I liked so much.
    Has reminded me the story of the little Mermaid of disney.

  22. Hello Ester,

    I liked the book “Let’s go to the rainforest” because you can learn many things about the animals and the plants.

    I like animals. The pictures in the book are very cool.

    Bye Ester!

  23. Hello, I’m Denia, I read the book: “Maggie and Max Visit the haunted Castle”. I liked when is looking at the mirror.
    The book does not have cd.
    Thank you.

  24. Hello, I’ve read the Mole at the Seaside story.

    I liked very much when the Seagull gives the glasses to the Mole, since he starts seeing very nice things like the garden or the sunset.

    Bye, bye Merche

  25. Hello!
    I read the book”Is it a frog?”
    I think that is very interesting story.
    My favourite part was when the tadpoles became nearly frogs.Frogs are fantastic.
    I like this book very much
    Bye -bye

  26. Hello Ester,
    I’ve read Frankeinstein at school, it’s a ver funny book. It makes You
    Laugh a lot, and It show how to create a monster and all what happend with his friends.

    Bye Ester, see You.

  27. Hello, I’ve read the Eddie’s Exercise story.
    It is about sports and Eddie wants to teach Nell how to play them, but Nell is not capable of it at all…..but at the end it is Nell who helps Eddie when he falls in a swimming pool and can’t swim. Swimming is the only sport Nell can play !!!

  28. Hello Ester,

    I liked the book “Sea Animals” because you can learn a lot of things about the sea animals. My favourite sea animal is the whale. Whales are very big. They eat plancton.


  29. hello merche, Pip the pirate and monkey have found a treasure.

  30. I loved this book by Aladdin, especially when he marries the princess

  31. Hello Merche!! I liked so much the Picnic surprise book.

  32. Hello Merche,

    I’ve read “Pip the Pirate”. I liked it very much because it was very interesting and the Pirate and the monkey found the treasure.

    Pau Vázquez

  33. Hello,
    I have read the book “Maggie and Max Visit the Haunted Castle”. The ghost is very lovely and Max and Maggie are very good friends.
    Jaume Roura

  34. Hello Esther! I have read “Matt’s mistake”. It is a very funny story! I love it. Alba Andrés

  35. Hi,
    I have read the book “the life process of the plants” . I like it because I learned a lot of things of the plants. the picutres are very beautiful. I recommend it to my friends.


  36. Hello De Janira!
    I have read the book “Monster in the box”. I liked it so much because I also want a monster like Jeremy. I also liked when Jeremy helped Bobo.

  37. Hello De Janira!!!

    I have read THE ANTS’ PARTY.
    I like this story very much because I would like to do a very big hat like Andy.

    Good bye.

  38. I read the story of Riberboat Bill, and i like the part of the submarine and i dont like the part of the crocodile. I love the story.

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