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  1. Luna has watched today the video of Goldie Locks. She liked it very much and she is very happy to have the video at home. I suppuse that we are going to watch it more than one time. Pau the little brother of Luna will also watch the video.

    Kind regards,
    Jose (Luna’s father) and Luna

  2. Luna, you will be an excellent Goldilocks at the play!!!! And I am sure your family will be proud of you!

  3. Hello Esther,
    I did the weather activity. I really like.
    See you Esther

  4. Hello Ester
    I do enjoy a lot your classes. What I do most enjoy is when we play games and sing along.
    Thank you for being such a nice and caring teacher

    Ivan (& family)

  5. Dear Ivan,
    I am very happy that you have fun in my lessons. I also enjoy playing games amd singing!!!
    Thanks a lot!!!

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