Summer Olympics – London 2012

This year London has the great privilege of being host to the Summer Olympic games for the third time in its history in 2012 – the previous occasions being 1908 and 1948. London will be the only city ever to host three Olympic Games! A new 200 acre “Olympic Park” has been built in Stratford, East London, and many existing London facilities, such as Wembley Stadium, will also be used.

The London Olympic Games began on 27th July and run through until 12 August.


Print and enjoy colouring:













Olympic Torch Instructions

You will need:

An empty small drink bottle
Aluminium foil
Red/yellow/orange paper
Sticky tape.
Sand paper

Cut the bottom from the drinks bottle and discard. Wrap the bottle in aluminium foil, tape down any loose edges. You now have your torch.

To make the flame, cut flame shaped pieces from the paper and tape to the inside of the torch starting with small pieces at the edge and getting bigger as you work in.

Origami Olympic Rings

Have some fun with this clever origami Olympic rings craft

You will need:

origami paper (or cut your own squares from standard paper) in red, green, black, blue and yellow
Glue stick

1. Take your red piece of paper. With your paper coloured side down, fold your square horizontally and then vertically to crease.

2. Cut carefully along one of the crease lines to make two rectangles.

3. You now need to fold each rectangle into thirds so that you end up with thin strips.

4. Carefully fold the two ends down and in at a 45 degree angle, creasing well. Repeat with the second rectangle.

5. Slide the two parts of the ring together, pushing the ends of one inside the other. Use a glue stick to make the joins permanent.

Repeat steps 1-4 with the green paper. When you reach step 5, thread one of the ring parts through the red ring before joining the ends of the green ring so the are linked. Use a glue stick to stick the two rings together so they don’t move about.

Repeat with the black, yellow and blue in turn, linking on to the previous ring.

Our completed Olympic rings!