5th-Science experiment: egg + vinegar

What happen if you soak an egg in vinegar? 5th graders made hypothesis and waited for a week to know the answer. Here you can watch some photos and videos about this science experiment.

EGGS contain something called “calcium carbonate”. This is what makes them hard.
VINEGAR is an acid known as acetic acid.
The acids in the vinegar destroyed the calcium in the eggshell.
When you take the egg out of the vinegar it’s soft!!!

What makes our BONES hard? That’s right! Calcium carbonate — the same thing that made
the egg shells hard. Take some thin chicken bones and drop them in vinegar for a day.
Take them out and they’ll be soft just like the egg shells were. Now you can tie them in a knot, just like a piece of string.

What about our TEETH? You’re right again! This is why it is important to brush our teeth twice a day and visit the dentist.