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We have started an international exchange with Nazli Balduk primary school, in Turkey.

The English teacher, Zehra, visited our school years ago. Three of her students, Seyithan, Ökkes and Ahmet, explain us WAHT’S THE WEATHER LIKE IN TURKEY? They start with Ankara, second İstanbul, then Kahramanmaraş (the city they live), Rize and last Kars.

Esma is telling shortly about Tukey

Şeyma, Sezer and Yunus are in a clothes shop

Meltem, Naime, Ezgi, Büşra and Zeliha
A typical family with two children in a village; the children want to eat ice cream but they are lost on the way…
Enjoy this funny video


Hello friends! The class of 4rth grade of Collserola school has prepared a couple of videos describing our town and our school. Hope you like it!

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  1. Turkey is very interesting! We would like to visit some day!

  2. Hello! We are the boy and girls from 4rth grade! We have questions: do you like English? Can you speak Spanish? What languages do you learn?
    Thank you, bye bye

  3. Hi!

    Congratulations for your videos! I really like them. Go on this way.



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