10 comentaris a “Demonstratives: this, these, that, those

  1. Hi Esther. I like these exercises.
    I have had 100% in the first exercise, and in the other 97%.

  2. Hello Esther,my score in the exercise 1 has been 91 ,and 16 in the ex 2.
    Edgar Carpio

  3. Hello Esther,my score in the ex 1 has been 100,and 82 in the second.
    Pol Carpio
    My brother Edgar has done 92 in the second exercise,before he wrote 16 by mistake ….

  4. Hello Ester. Ho he trobat. My score in the ex 1 is 91 points and in the ex 2 is 75 points. I like it very much.

  5. Hello Ester. I like the exercises. Muy score in the first exercise was 100% and in the second was 79%.

  6. hello ester.My score in first exercise was 91%and the secon was 90%

  7. Hi Ester. I did the exercises again and my score in the first was 100% and in the second 87%.

    See you tomorrow

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