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  1. I like this two videos they are very funny and are very important to study
    Bye, bye

  2. Hello merche
    I play the games jobs match 1 and jobs match 2
    and are a little bit boring.
    Jobs and professions is good to study and my score are 88%.
    bye bye

  3. Hi Merche i play the game of wheel of fortune and I love this game is very funny and is well to study

  4. HI merche I play the rallygame and I think that game is more fun with a friend but is fun.
    Merche thanks for working so hard in the our english blog.
    see you

  5. Hello,Merche I can listen this two videos, are very funny and I can study a lot.

  6. Hi merche.Iplay the games.1game i don´t understend.I don´t enter but i´m not.My favourite game are whell of fortune game.My score are 2200.
    Happy christmas and good by.

  7. Hi Merche ,
    I play all the games , and look the videos ,my favorite games are , the wheel of fortune and hangman.
    A hug.

  8. Hello merche
    I do some mistakes in the games but they´re good and funny I see all the videos too they´re good!!!
    But I don´t understand the wheel of the fortune.

    byee!! kisses and wishes!!!

  9. Thank you for your comments and I agree with you. Ivan, you have to write the letter in the white square. Shakira, you have to spin the wheel (click in the middle) and click the right answer. Try it, it is also my favourite.
    You have a new video to watch!
    Kisses and hugs!

  10. Hi Merche !
    I play the 8 games but my favourite is the wheel of fortune game .
    And I watch the 3 videos of jobs/Occupations/Professions.

    BYE BYE , WISHES/ MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi Merche! I played the games and I saw the three videos. I think that the videos and the games are very good fore vocabullary. I lerned some things.

  12. Hello Merche I play the games and I watch the videos.I like very mach.

  13. Hi Merche I play the games. Muy favourit is whell of fortune game, my score is 2200. I watch the 3 videos too I know lots of new thinks I hop to I study a lot forma the 2nd trimestre:-)

  14. Hi, Merche
    I play with all games I liked all the games but my favourite game is the rallygame, it was very fun!!!
    see you kisses

  15. hiiii merche I played the game of the wheel of fortune

    my score was 28/28!!!!!!!!!


  16. Hello Merche, I have played the games and there are so exciting

  17. Hello Merche I see the video and I play the game I liked so much

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