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  1. Hi Merche I’m Laia. I’m playing on the blog the two games of robbers. The 1st game I don’t like but my scores was good. But the crossword has seemed a bit difficult. The 2nd game I liked very much, my scores is 5/6. The most I liked the 2nd game is because it tells you several answers, but only one is the right answer.

  2. Hello, Merche
    I have played the two games and i have listened and read the story of the robbery.
    I liked the games and the story.They are very cool.

  3. Hi Merche.
    I read and litsened the story and play the two games.
    The games are very good. My score are 100% and 5/6.
    I liked most the first game because it’s most dificult.

  4. Hello Merche,

    I have read the story about the robbery and have played the two games. My score was 100% at the first game and 6/6 at the second.

    I liked most the first game.

  5. hello!!!!! Merche:)
    I entered the blog and I played 2 games for robbers.
    The first was difficult but my note is very good.The second game was very easy but my note is 6/6. The first game liked because the words i write the study in a game.

  6. Hello Merche, I entered in the blog and listen the story of Robbery and play the games. The first game in very funy and the second is very easy.

  7. Hello Merche,
    I entered the blog and I’ve played two games, The first was difficult.
    The second was easier.
    For me, the more I liked it first.

  8. Merxe the story is fun, I love it because the cops do not know it’s a joke.

  9. Hello merche the games are very funny and my score ar very good my favorite games are the 1st and the second game is very funny more than the others games .And the story is funny too.

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