50 comentaris a ““All I want for Christmas is you” fill in the gaps’ activity

  1. Ester and played a very cool and I like and if practical a little son!!!
    bye ;D

    I like this “game”I failed one or two times
    but is very much,
    I playing a lot of times
    and I play wich lot of songs

  3. Hi Ester I play and I love this game. It’s very funny and well. Bye!!!!!!

  4. Hi Ester
    I like this game the first time and the second failed all the time, but then as I got the trick and I went very well. It’s fun playing with other songs.
    good weekend week
    goodbye and Merry Christmas

  5. This game is very fun is it my favorite game of the bloc.
    I like this game is grat and fun no is it a anoders game boring

  6. I also like playing these game, Andrea! You learn a lot of English by listening to your favourite songs!

  7. Hi Ivan!!! If you haven’t found it difficult, that means that you already know the song! congratulations!

  8. Hello Ester!!!
    I like this video.
    I have 31 points but I have 3 mistake .

  9. Hi Ester,
    I played this game and I made only one mistake.
    The game its so fun and I like so much.Bye bye!

  10. Ester i play this game it’s lot dificult and lot of funny!!!!!


  11. Perfect Alícia!!! If you like it so much, you can practice with other songs!!!

  12. Hi Beth!! I am happy that you like the game and the song so much!!! Thanks!

  13. How strange, Sergio! you need to write the correct word if not, you can not continue palying. Maybe this is the problem.

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