70 comentaris a “Survey: How do you go to school?

  1. That’s right, Adrià 🙂 Good that you walk to school!

  2. I usually go by car, but some days I go to the school walking.

  3. Hello marta i go to school by car always with my dad and always with my mum,walking is very good for people who do i do a lot of sport,this topic has some hard and some easy.Bye bye and very lots of kisses and hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello Marta i go to school by car bat it´s cold o verry got o ai go wolck at it´s temperature normal.

  5. Hello Marta, l go to school walcking.
    Aina Villalba Ramos of 4C.

  6. Good Pol! You mean: ” and sometimes by car”?

  7. Good Aina! You mean: “walking” (no K).
    Thanks for writing!

  8. Good, Mariona! You can say: “When it’s cold or very hot I go to school by car, when it’s ok, I walk to school”
    Thanks for writing!

  9. Good, Adrià! Thanks for writing on the blog!

  10. Good, Nerea! You mean: “I go..”
    Thanks for writing!

  11. Ha ha haaaa, Laia! No way! Amazing! Will you give me a ride? 🙂

  12. Good Laia! You mean: ” I walk to school” or “I go by foot”
    Thanks for writing on the blog!

  13. Thanks for your long answer, Ona!!! Yes, it’s good for people to walk to school! Lots of hugs to you too!!!

  14. I’m Iris Massana .I walk to school, because I like to play sports

  15. Hello Marta I’am Aina Pastor of 4rC. I go to school walking. The game its verry exelent.GOOD BYE!!!!!!! KISSES!!!!!!!

  16. Hello ,I´m going by car and sometimes I go walking bye Marta.

  17. Hello Marta! Good evening! I go to school walking because it is near.

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