45 comentaris a “The 3 R’s quiz

  1. Hello i am Paula Gomez the 4c i played this game i been my puntuacion to 80%

  2. i’ts very fun the game!!!!Esther my note is 99%.this topic is very difficult but i think i can learn.Bye bye Esther many kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hello.I’m AINA Villalba of 4C.
    I will do the 3 R’s quiz and my score are 100%.

  4. Great Ona!!! We will try to teach you about this topic!

  5. Exellent Alejandro!!! You have got another 10!! Congratulations!!!

  6. Hello.I`m iris massana 4C.My note is 86%.I has cost a little, had words difficult

  7. Hello Ester I am Aina Pastor of 4r C. How are you? my mark in the questionary is:10 I’ve failed just one and done nine well so 99%.
    I am very happy and you? Well I hope you are well too.
    ¡¡¡¡¡¡GOOD BYE ESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Well done Iris, your mark is 8,6! Hopefully these difficult words will sound familiar to you!

  9. Hi Ester,
    I’m Alicia,I played the game and my score has been 96% . Bye bye!!!

  10. Hola Ester!! I’m Alexis Hinno González of 4rC my note is 98 %

  11. Exellent Alícia, your mark is almost a 10. Congratulations!!!!

  12. Hi Ester,
    i´m Eric (of 4rt grade).I played the game and my score has been 96%.Bye,bye!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ok, Pere! Maybe you can do it again, to get a higher score!

  14. The games is interesing and seems an overview of teh tema.
    My note is 100%. Bye bye many kisses.

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