47 comentaris a “Can you recycle these items?

  1. Hello Marc!

    I hope you liked the book.

    Thanks for your comment.


    Marta F

  2. Tis game is easy and fun. I like this game !!!!!!!!!!
    Aina Villalba of 4C.

  3. Hello Ester i am PAULA G de 4rc i aquet joc m’agradat molt

  4. Alexis, you can say “great”, “cool”, “fun”…. but not “guai” 😉

  5. Ingrid, your sentence is not correct. You should write “I don’t like this game”
    “doesn’t” is for the 3rd person “he, she, or it”

  6. Or you are very goot at English! Thanks for writing on the blog!

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