15 comentaris a “What’s the time?

  1. I like this two videos they are very funny and are very important to study
    Bye, bye

  2. Hi Merche
    I look the 2 videos and I play the game is fantastic to study and not is very dificult
    see you

  3. Hi, Merche!!!!!
    I see the 2 videos and they are funny, I play the game too, that is very good to study.
    kisses, Olga.

  4. Hi, Merche
    I watched the video, and I played the game is not very difficult, but if you don’t understand it then was difficult to you.
    see you!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi,Merche
    I like the video and the game ,is not very difficult,
    a hug and happy new year.

  6. Thank you for your comments, girls! I’m happy to see that this video and game help you learning telling the time! See you on Wednesday AT NINE O’CLOCK 😉

  7. Hi Merche!
    I watch the video and I play the game. I think that is very funny.
    Bye, bye!

  8. Hi Merche !
    I like the video of the big hand and the small hand . And I play the game. I think so are not very difficult.

  9. Hi Merche!
    I like the video of the big hand and the small.
    And I play the game. I think that the not are very difficult.

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi, Merche 🙂
    I whatch the video and I play the game. It was any dificould.
    I hope you have a new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Núria:-)

  11. I play the game and I watch the video.
    It’s very easy because I do it in the academy.

  12. Hello Merche,
    I see the video and I play the game of watches.
    Everything is very interestening to study the hours. The game was a little bit faciel also liked.
    Kisses, and Happy New Year 🙂

  13. Hello merche,i play the games and i watch the video.Are very,funny.
    GOOD BY.

  14. Hello Merche,
    I played games of the hours, to study the exam of english and my score is very good.
    Kisses, Marina. 🙂 🙂 <3

  15. Hi, Merche!!!
    I saw the videos and I was plying with games, the games were easy and funny!! There are fantastic to study!!!
    see you kisses

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