Hello Children!
You can practise the 1st verse of our Christmas song. Use the song I gave you in class, please.
Have a fantastic weekend,

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9 respostes a Mistletoe

  1. abdesa diu:

    Hellow Montse im abdesa.

  2. Zaida diu:

    Hello montse that this will surely though I am zaida

  3. Albert diu:

    Hello Montse the song (Mistletoe) is very interesting

  4. Yaiza diu:

    Hello Montse the song of Justin bieber is a little difficult the letter.

  5. Albert diu:

    Hello Albert Montse am the song I like generally but quite difficult

  6. desiree diu:

    Hello children, the song of Mistletoe I think we stayed very well in the auditorium i was fun to sing 😉

  7. Albert diu:

    hello Montse the “concert “is very easy y the song is very happy

  8. Albert diu:

    Hello Montse i have really wanted to work and hope to learn much.

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