The Media

Learn about the difference between ‘tabloids’ and ‘broadsheets’ and have a look at the main online newspapers and magazines you will find in the following websites. Examine  and compare different articles and/or versions of an event from different newspapers.

Analysing Newspapers

The Press


8 thoughts on “The Media

  1. Marta Q


    I like to be informed about what is happening arround the world, but unfotunately I have not enough time to read newspapers, I use to watch late TV news.
    What do I prefer to read broadsheets or tabloids…? Well, having no time, maybe the best option would be a broadsheet, because it seems to be easier to read, but it contains superficial news and celebrity gossip and you are not certain about the contents, so I would choose a tabloid.

    See you

  2. Montse Colón

    Thinking about newspapers is curious to compare our press with English or American press.
    Here, in Spain, we haven’t these two types of newspapers, tabloids and broadsheets, at least not as clear as they have.
    Is very surprising the size, because it would seems that the size of our newspapers is the normal size but really it is not. I can’t imagine a Spanish newspaper with this big size, sure that nobody would agree with a change of size, simply because is not usual.

  3. Lydia Caballero

    Hi mates,
    I think we are over-informed, we have websides, TV 24 hours, magazines, newspapers, a lot of ways for having information. From my point of view, sometimes this become disinterest. Now a days The Press is lossing ground. They offer us a lot of extra products if you buy their newspaper, a dvd collection, a car miniature collection..etc. only for keeping the sales.
    It means that in a few years, to read a good newspaper while you are having breakfast on Sundays, will be “things from the past”.
    See you on Monday.

  4. Núria J

    Hi Anna,

    I find this website very interesting and I thing I’ve learnt a lot of vocabulary which is new for me, like tabloids or broadsheet.

    Reading newspapers It’s an interesting way to practice our English daily and a good way to know what is happening around the world.

    See you tomorrow

  5. Marina López

    With this kind of websides you can see how easy it’s to access to different information by Internet. So, this year, I’ll try to visit some newspaper’s websides every day (as I check my facebook) to know about the news and also to improve my English.
    See you!

  6. Raúl

    Happy new year to everybody!

    I’ve just read the main differences between tabloids and broadsheets and I find it very useful
    to understand how to work in other countries. However, like Montse said I can’t imagine this kind of press in our country.

    Finally, if I talk about the press’ website I’ve found it very interesting but I must recognize I don’t pay more attention in the international news lastly.

    Well, see you on 11th!

  7. Elisabet F.


    I’m not a newspaper’s reader but I think that tablets are more direct and are write with words more coloquials, maybe it’s like a gossip. And broadcast are more formals and it’s the press for peolple who read ewspaprs every day.

    See you

  8. Alex Fernandez


    I didn’t know that I can find 2 diferent “ways” or versions of newspapers. Well it’s nice to know something new every day.
    I don’t usually read newspaper on paper, because in my job, everyday I recieve an email with a link where I can find articles in PDF from diferents newspaper or magazines, about some news that can affects our job (we supply water to some cities) , or about economy, or simply about interestings news.

    See you!

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