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  1. Marina López

    I have already watched lesson 7 & 9 about reporter speach. I really like this website where you can find clear English lessons. The woman explains very well and also the methodology that she uses it’s great: she teachs the theory and then she makes some exemples with real people and that is so clear for us. In addition, she combine the explanation speaking and writing at the same time. I think this is an useful way to learn.
    Thanks I will keep this website!


  2. Maria T.

    Hi Anna and everybody!

    I’ve watched some different lessons about reported speech and I’ve found them really interessting. I believe that the explanations are very clear and Jennifer gives lots examples, which is important too. She speaks very clear and it is easy to follow the lesson.
    However, in some cases, we already know the grammar that she explains and for this reason sometimes is a little repetitive. Anyway, it is always fine to check our English knowledge.
    Thank you (and merry xmas)

    Maria Tarrés.

  3. Montse Colón

    I’ve done lesson 7 to 11 and is really useful. A bit slow in my opinion (but it could be that is late and I’m tired). Is easy to understand Jennifer. I have made notes of differents points that I had no clear to help me in my grammar, so thanks!

  4. PABLO


    I have been watching from lesson 7 to 9 and the explanations are very clear. Although explanations just knew, because we learnt them last year, I have found very useful about pronunciation.

    Thank you again and see you

  5. Veronica

    I found Jennifer´s web very interesting. I saw several lessons about reported spech and was easy understand she and follow the theorical concepts wi

  6. Veronica

    Sorry, I sent the last comment by mistake.
    I found Jennifer´s web very interesting. I saw several lessons about reported spech and in my view it was easy to understand her explanations and I followed the theory concepts ver well.
    See you in class.

  7. Núria J

    Hi Anna,

    In my opinion you must have time to look this videos and to do some exercises you post… Now that I’m studying and that I have time… I’m doing both and I realise how useful are they.

    See you.

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