4 thoughts on “Used to, be used to, get used to

  1. Maria T.

    Hi Anna and everybody!

    You’re right, only by practicing we can reach a good level of English! I found the exercices good, not difficut in fact, and it’s really confortable to do them by computer!



  2. Marina López

    thanks to put this kind of exercices in your blog! For me it’s a easy way to practise English because I usually surf in the internet. Also I checked that we can practise other grammar so I will keep on to enter in the future.
    see u!

  3. Alex Fernandez

    Hi Anna,

    It is a nice exercise to practise “used to, be used to + gerund… without papers, or photocopies. These exercises are like the examples or exercises in photocopies, but in this way it looks more funny, and at the same time you can correct them. But if we have questions or we don’t understand some answers, we have to make you questions 🙂

    See you.

  4. Veronica

    Hi again!
    I enjoyed a lot doing these exercises! It was an amusing activity. And I totally agree with my classmates. This is one of the best way to learning English without papers and doing entertaining exercises.
    See you tomorrow in class.

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