Shahi – A visual dictionary

Shahi is a visual dictionary that combines Wiktionary content with Flickr, Google and Yahoo images.  All you need to do is type in your vocabulary word and you get images from Flickr, Google and Yahoo plus a definition and example sentences from Wiktionary. If you want a better view of the images that   Shahi finds in relation to the word, then just click on the image and it enlarges.


This is an excellent tool  to memorise vocabulary. However, you might still need a written definition to understand abstract concepts.

Why don’t you try with the new vocabulary we are going to deal with in next lesson?

Look up : arsonist / witness / pickpocket / hijack / mugger / smuggling / defendant / barrister / attorney

Hope you find it interesting!   Let me know.

10 thoughts on “Shahi – A visual dictionary

  1. Modesto

    Hi everybody!

    It’s the twice I try to write a comment, the first it was rejected because I had wrote the word r-a-p-e (without hyphens).

    When we started the new lesson I remembered an interesting news. This is the link:

    Have a look.

    In reference to this visual dictionary, it’s a very nice idea specially for people who have a good photographic memory.

    As Anna said in class, it works very well with simple words, but for words referred to sophisticated ideas or to some feelings or sensations, in my opinion, it’s better to have a look in a traditional dictionary.

    Searching words referted to the subject we are working now, I have founded some interesting pictures.

    In the Flickr browser there are a lot of dog’s pictures. Is it a new mafia?

    drug dealing
    In the Yahoo browser there is a picture of a happy family. Are they drug addicts? Babys too?

    In Flickr and Yahoo browser you can see a lot of pictures of green landscapes.

    This is the best for me. In the Flickr browser we can find a big commercial label of McDonalds.

    See you soon.

  2. Raúl

    Hi everybody!

    I’ve just tried this web and sincerily I thought I could understand easily some unknown words. However I’ve had some problems to match words with pictures.

    In any case, I think it’s and interesting site to improve our vocabulary.

    See you tomorrow!


  3. paco

    Hi! About the new on dailymail posted by Anna I can’t believe it! I’d like to see the face of the police when stopped their car…incredible !

    By the other hand, I like Shahi – A visual dictionary. I think it’s very useful and very easy to use…unless you don’t know anything about the word that you are typing…

    See you later…!

  4. Pablo

    Hello everybody,

    I agree with Modesto, I prefer a traditional dictionary. I’ve tried to find some words and the result has created to me more doubts. The definition contains more unknowing words than word we want to find the definition. I think is a good dictionary to teachers or people who has wide knowledge of english.


    Definition of defendant: In civil proceedings, the party responding to the complaint; one who is sued and called upon to make satisfaction for a wrong complained of by another.

    I don’t understand anything.

    See you later

  5. Verena

    Hi Anna!

    I think that this is an amusing website but definitely I prefer traditional dictionaires because it’s easier to find the meaning of words on them. However, I think Shahi is useful when you have doubts about what the words are referring to, when you don’t understand a word although you’ve already looked up on the dictionary.

    See you later!


  6. Montse

    Hi everybody!

    I think that this web is very useful but you need a lot of time to spend in it.
    For example, when I searched witnesses I clicked on a picture of google which had different words like judge, jury and legal, and I found more and more information. In my opinion, this is good but sometimes you lose your real aim. Anyway, have this different webs is very useful to learn in every lesson.

    Modesto, I’ve seen the link about these two burglars. It has been very fun.

    See you!


  7. Marina López


    In my opinion I like this kind of diccionary! Could be a funny way to look for the meaning of the missing words because at the same time you can find a really beautifull photos! In addition I think that I will use in the future with children because for them could be so useful!

    I just have read the opinion of other students and also I can undertand why most of them prefer the traditional diccionary. Anyway, I’m sure that I will show this website to other people because it’s different and useful.

    See u!

  8. Josep

    Hi everybody!

    I believe it’s a useful dictionary even if in some cases it’s difficult to match the picture with the word. I find it particularly interesting when you are preparing a slideshow to make a presentation or for teaching purposes.

    See you and have a nice weekend.


  9. Maria T.

    Hi Anna, hi everybody!

    I think that in some cases this type of dictionary are really usefull, although I think I don’t have photographic memory. However, there are some images that can produce an impact to you and for this reason you’ll remember the word! It depends…

    So, I’ve found this visual dictionary really interesting since it has lots of different photos, but maybe in some cases the photos from flikr are not what I was looking for. I mean, there are some artistic photos that don’t represent the word, in my opinion. For this reason, I’ve found the photos from google the most accurate.

    Have a nice beautiful Sunday!


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