Quiz Adventure Journey

This quiz from the BBC’s BiteSize website is an adventure quiz with 8 beautifully designed levels. The quiz tests your understanding of writing skills, maths, science and many other topics. Another interesting thing about the quiz is that you have to click parts of the image to find the questions. I want to thank Nik Peachey for his wonderful resources.


7 thoughts on “Quiz Adventure Journey

  1. Montse Abad

    Hi Anna,

    This quiz adventure journey it’s a really adventure because firstly I’ve got to find the way to begin the quiz and secondly it isn’t very easy to find the questions and finally I’ve stopped in the 6 level because It’s impossible to fing the questions, for me of course, and I spent 1 hour and a half so it’s time to change.
    Thanks and see you later,


  2. Ainoa

    Number 6 it’s very difficult!!!! It takes me 30 minutes to arrive at this point, but when I arrived I couldn’t find the way to answer the questions… I will find it!!!!! I think I have the key… jejejeje…
    See you at 19:00

  3. Montse Abad

    I’ve finished the journey and I’ve found the hat!!!!
    It’s a fantastic game and very useful. But it has some questions who are really, really difficult.
    However, if it is a game for children we can do it.
    Have a nice weekend!!!


  4. Ainoa

    Hi anna, finally I managed to do all the game!!!! I think it’s not easy… I found the hat…
    I like games like this.
    Thank you
    See you next week, have a good weekend

  5. Montse Abad

    Hi Anna,

    This weekend I played this game with my two little nephews who are 13 and 14 years old.
    They found the solutions very quickly, and in the level 6 they found the solution, to find the person who make the questions, in less than one minute!!!!
    It was so useful and fun for them.
    Lots of thanks,
    See you on Wednesday,

  6. Alex Fernandez

    Hi Anna!

    I’ve just done the game! And it is very funny, I have had to remember some things that I learned at school when I was a child. Some of them, I know the answer in Spanish, but not in English, so I have needed a dictionary to find their meaning in english or spnanish.

    I find this game very interesting to learn and know new words, that are link with science and grammar too. I think, the answers aren’t difficult if you know the meaning of all the new question’s words. It’s a good idea to study vocabulary.

    See you on Wednesday!

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