Personality Adjectives

In Unit 1 we’ve been dealing with personality adjectives. We’ve heard people giving their opinion about the British. Watch and listen to people talking about the French. Match the names on the left with the adjectives on the right column.  When you finish, watch the video with subtitles to check your answers.

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Bill very warm, a little less inhibited
Carlo They’re kind of nice. A little attitude, snobbiness
Tony and Catherine rather rude, some immensely helpful
Kyla easy-going, fun-loving
Mr. and Mrs. Scott more laid back, more relaxed
June reserved, polite, very formal, cultured
Luke more family-orientated, pretty friendly, more relaxed
Alison delightful, most civilized in the world, individually extremely charming, but collectively, some are difficult
Travis fabulous
Barbara and Mary amiable people
Chris and Joanne fashionable, a bit more reserved than the English in some respects
Peter and Steven extremely stuck-up and stand-offish
Marie quite dour, very chic, very hospitable
Michael very passionate,very emotional, good sense of colour,smell
Peter sensual
Richard The Northern French I find very unfriendly
Sara artistic, very family-orientated
Thomas wonderful,friendly,
Colonel Allthorpe and Hayles Fine

5 thoughts on “Personality Adjectives

  1. Montse Abad

    Hi Anna,

    I think that this video is a little bit complicated because there are a lot off new adjectives for me. So I have to learn more.

    In the video there are two different Michael so there are two people who has the same adjectives on the right column.

    See you on Wednesday,


  2. Ainoa 3th E

    Hello Anna,

    I can’t see the video of the adj, it doesn’t work…

    I will try tomorrow again, but I don’t know if I have enough time for seeing it before the class..

    See you tomorrow!!!

  3. Núria Pont

    I can’t listen the video, you have already known…
    But I read it, I hope remembering the new adjectives at the future.
    Thank you

  4. Verena

    I’ve just seen the video, I am in a hurry!

    I’ve just write the adjectives I’ve listened. Later I will see the video again with subtitles

    see you later!!!

  5. JAK

    Yes, we can laugh
    and can be happy
    and also to cry
    with the crying people.

    Yes, we can despise
    arrogant people
    who lies and looks down on other people.

    Yes, we can
    hold hand by hand
    being unbeatable
    against injustice.

    Yes, we can
    As you aren’t a stone
    As you aren’t a selfish
    As you when pass along by bother people
    who need you
    You don’t look to other side
    and help them
    If not ,you’ll be better to remain
    In the same place where you were
    before born.

    Yes we can.
    As we are a lot like you
    we can push ahead this world
    in the right way.

    Yes we can move on

    Yes, if we will, we can.

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