4 thoughts on “Spot 6 grammar errors

  1. Montse Abad

    Hi Anna,
    I believe that I’ve found the grammar errors, I’ll see it in class.
    I would like to read all the article, if it is possible.
    Where can I find this newspaper?In the library?
    I think that this article is very interesting, but it is a real story?
    See you on Wednesday!


  2. Maria

    Tapping those years..

    Hello anna, good afternoon. I suppose that this error has been comment in class, isn’t it?

    I would like to tell you an error in that comprehesion. I have fount it.

    In the second colom (below colom), there is ussual students’ mistake. (I’m a first)
    Let me show you: An organitation that links retired bussines persons (PEOPLE)…
    Have a nice weekend

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