Hello everybody!

The other day, while I was reading your compositions, I thought it was a shame not to share them with the rest of students.

I wanted to provide a solution and this is the reason why I have created this blog so that you can publish your compositions, read other students’ stories and write comments if you feel like it. You will also find interactive activities to improve your English. I hope you find it useful.

3 thoughts on “Hello everybody!

  1. jaume

    That’s amazing.
    It could be very interesting.
    You have worked it a lot( I mean “te lo has currado”)

  2. Joan Martos

    I think this blog cuold be a very good way to improve our English. Congratulations!


  3. Carme

    I think the same!!. I’m very happy. I think that this year I’m learning a lot of English and the classroom is very funny!!!!

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