Regular and Irregular Verbs

Regular and Irregular Verbs
be was/were being
buy a newspaper bought buying
call a taxi called calling
come here came coming
cook dinner cooked cooking
dance the tango danced dancing
do did doing
exercise/ housework/ your homework
draw a picture drew drawing
drink coffee drank drinking
drive a VW drove driving
eat fast food ate eating
find some money found finding
finish work finished finishing
get got getting
a newspaper/a taxi/an e-mail/dressed
home (arrive)/to work (arrive)/get up late
give her a present gave giving
go went going
away for a week/by bus/for a walk
home/out on Friday/shopping
to bed/to work/to church/to class/to a restaurant
to the beach/to the cinema/to the gym
have had having
a coffee/a sandwich/a drink/a good time
children/a car/a shower/breakfast/lunch/dinner
hear a noise heard hearing
help someone helped helping
like animals liked liking
listen to the radio listened listening
live in a flat lived living
look for your keys looked looking
make the dinner made making
meet a friend met meeting
paint a picture painted painting
play played playing
chess/tennis/the guitar
read a newspaper read /red/ reading
ride a bike rode riding
run a race ran running
say goodbye said saying
see a film saw seeing
sing a song sang singing
sleep for seven hours slept sleeping
smoke a cigarette smoked smoking
speak German spoke speaking
start work started starting
study economics studied studying
swim every day swam swimming
take took taking
photos/the dog out for a walk/your umbrella
talk to a friend talked talking
tell me a secret told telling
travel by plane travelled travelling
turn on the TV turned turning
use a computer used using
wait for a bus waited waiting
wake up early woke waking
walk home walked walking
watch television watched watching
wear glasses wore wearing
work in an office worked working
write a sentence wrote writing