Treasure Island (English theatre)

Yesterday, kids in 4th, 5th and 6th level went to les Borges Blanques. We could have fun with IPA productions and his play ‘Treasure Island’.

Jim Hawkins, a young man, works in a pub called The Admiral Benbow. It was his mother’s pub when she was alive but now it is his pub. Unfortunately, Jim doesn’t like working in a pub. He likes the sea and dreams of going on a sailing adventure.

One day Billy Bones, a pirate, comes into the pub. He dies with a treasure map in his hand. Jim looks at the map. It is a secret treasure map of Treasure Island. It says that on the island there are three clues that will help him find the treasure. Jim decides to go to Treasure Island. He wants the treasure. Of course Jim needs a ship.

He meets Captain Long John Silver. Jim tells Long John Silver about Treasure Island. Long John Silver offers to take Jim on his ship, The Hispaniola. Jim agrees and they set off on the voyage. Unfortunately for Jim, Long John Silver is a pirate! When they arrive at Treasure Island, Long John Silver tries to steal the map from Jim. But Jim escapes with his map and goes to find the three clues. The three clues that will take him to the treasure.

Treasure Island baixa from IPA Productions on Vimeo.


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