Georgina and the dragon (English theatre)

The 23rd February, kids in 1st, 2nd and 3rd level went to les Borges Blanques. We could laugh, sing and dance with ‘Georgina and the dragon’.

Georgina lives with her father. Her father is a blacksmith. He makes things out of metal.

King Stan lives in the palace. He is sad. Georgina asks him why he is sad. The King explains that he has three problems. First of all, there is a big dragon in the mountains. Secondly, there are horrible Vikings nearby. And finally, there are terrible pirates nearby, too! King Stan tells Georgina that he will give a big reward to the person who can help him with his problems.

Georgina decides to help King Stan. She takes a shield, a sword and a helmet to go on her adventure. She also takes some chocolate biscuits. Georgina loves chocolate biscuits!

Do you remember what happens next?


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