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  1. Chiara

    1-S.T Patrick´s school was established in 1944
    2- The colors of uniform is green ab black.
    3-the school stats at 8:15. The lunch starts at 11:50 four grades K-2 / The lunch stars at 12:10 four grades 3-5 / The lunch starts at 12:40 four grades 6-8
    4- The spanish class are to 4th until 8th.
    5- Tuesday anb thursday (3:15)-4pm.
    6- The nachos cost two dolars .sabes support 6th grade camp.Tuesday.
    7- The cheerleaders are 6 / The uniform is green and black.
    8- The tacher is Shannon Hine.
    9- The 15 of Frebruary president´s day.
    10- The 13 February 9:30am ST. Patrick´s us.out Lady´s.
    11- Ingrid beha.
    12- Every tuesday before school at 7:30am.

  2. kardiata

    chrismas is much more than
    gifts and tree
    its about love
    and hope
    don’t you agree?

    IN CATALAN el nadal es molt
    que donar i un arbre es
    sobre l’amor i l’esperança
    no hi estas dacord???

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