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New vocab to be learned.

Hello Primary 6 kids! How are you doing?

newsAs I promised, I checked your comments-answers on the first tickblog exercise and here you are the results!

The answers are: a-3, b-7, c-2, d-1, e-6, f-5, and g-4.

So the results are as follows:


Laia, Sergi, Emma B, Nil, Paula C, Enric, Emma C, Paula F, Rafa, Marina, Lluís, Anna, Max, Pep, Nerea, Paula S, Jordi S, Chiara, Jordi T, Alba.

OK! (you did have a slight mistake or error, but you did it also a good job!):-o Mireia, Júlia, Àlex, Arnau and Carla. Who was missing? 

Pere was missing that day…:-(

 Nobody did it wrong! Hurray!!!!!:lol:

Hello again! Welcome back to Tickblog, the Science-in-English blog!


Don’t be puzzled! Find out what each picture means… It’s not difficult at all!

a- reading 1 news  
b- games 2 media  
c- watching 3 book  
d- news 4 clipboard  
e- lessons 5 homework  
f- homework 6 lesson-unit  
g- clipboard 7 games  

Now write and send a comment in order to solve out this matching activity…

Do like this: a- …..; b- …..; c- …..; d- …..; e- …..; f- …..; g- …..