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TICK 6… UNIT-1.- ICT WORLD-II (Review)

homeworkHello Primary 6 kids! All the best for your ski-ing activity… let’s hope you will have lots of snow and nice weather!

But, you also have some homework to do when you are back home. Just to finish up the WEBQUEST Lauren proposed you. What you have to do is to write a comment in which you do what you were doing in class: SECTION, NUMBER OF QUESTION AND ANSWER. And that’s it!
Here you have a link to the WEBQUEST.

stpatricksDateline for this homework: March 12th, 2010

Take good care and have lots of fun ski-ing! skiing2


congratulations1CONGRATULATIONS TO ENRIC, PAULA F., MARINA, LLUÍS, SERGI, EMMA C, ALBA, PAULA S, LAIA, PAULA C, EMMA B, for their statements about the picture. You did it very well, although there are some language mistakes.

Go on this way, kids. And let’s cheer up the rest of Primary 6 kids to do this homework on line…   😎