Day 6

Language in London school teachers’ meeting


Dear people!

Friday was the last day of the first week that we had classes, so everyone tried to use a computer to talk with their families and friends.
Friday was Roger’s birthday too! So we prepared a little surprise for him! The teachers bought him a present and a little cake and all the students wrote a little note to him saying: Happy birthday Roger!
It was funny.
Then we took the tube to get to the London Eye. Here we started to walk for all the way , for a moment we thought that the way didn’t have an end, because
Judith, Belen and Marta didn’t stop walking. We stopped for a moment to take a photo with the Big Ben and we lost the group. But luckily Judith was waiting for us, thank you Judith!!!
Judith took a photo of the group, and then Belen phoned her and she said “we’ve got the tickets, so come on to the london eye!”. We waited for a few minutes before getting on the London Eye..,
The teachers separated us in two groups. Finally we were on the London Eye, oooooooh! , it was really beautiful. At this moment we started to take a lot of photos. We think that those photos are the best photos that we have taken this week.
Later we started to walk, and walk and walk to come back home.

Nadia, Carla and Iris.



Some students in class



Roger Ubach’s 18th birthday!!!!!





On Friday we had lunch in Pizza Hut to celebrate Roger’s 18th birthday, and he was very happy and excited. After lunch, we met with all the group in front of the British Museum. While Roger was sleeping, the teachers prepared a surprise for him with the help of the rest of the group. When all the group were together, Belen covered Roger’s eyes with toilet paper.

Roger was very surprised and he didn’t know how to react. He was a bit nervous when Belen was trying to light the candle of the muffin. He thought that Belen was catching a pigeon and approaching it to his face. Then she uncovered his eyes and all the group started to sing a birthday song to him.

Immediatly we shared a poor muffin between all the group; we didn’t have enough money. Then the teachers gave him a film called The history boys.

After a long time walking and taking tubes, we went to the southbank of the Thames River where the Big Ben, the London eye and Westminster Abbey are.

We took our first photos in front of the Big Ben, but from far because we had to go to the london eye.

When we were in front of the queue of the london eye we thought that we would spend 1 hour in that place, because there were a lot of people waiting. But it was very quick, because the organization of that place was excellent.

When we were in the London eye we could see all the city from the air. It was amazing and at the same time we were afraid because we were very high and sometimes we felt that the cabine would fall down. But we are alive!



Oriol and Oscar
















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