Day 5


Nice friendships coming up.


Lunchtime: look at those packed lunches!
35 These teachers make us work hard! Feedback activity on the Lion King. Lovely!

Thursday, 18th June
This morning when we woke up we were very tired because yesterday we went to see the Lion King.
After this we went to school, like every day, but today we have tried a new way to go, through the park near it because the other way was too long and we are very lazy.
After school we went to have lunch and this time some of us went shopping. This is the only time we have to relax and charge batteries to go on.
In the afternoon we went to Camden Town, a street full of shops we would like to have in our city. We only had two hours of free time to buy so we had to be fast. Lots of people were wearing the same typical sweater we had bought when we met our teachers.
Today we will sleep a lot because we are still very tired.

Ivette Martinez and Marina Camargo



These boots are made for walking… Cool stuff at CAMDEM TOWN!


73No comment. This is what you call a COOL TEACHER!


And this is what you call TWO TEACHERS DE CUL …
94 Students in their trendy hats.



We love Camdem Town.
Thursday, 18th June.

Like every day we went to the English school at nine o’clock.
After school  we went to have lunch. Somebody tried to eat something new, like a pizza, to break with the routine.

In the afternoon we took the undeground to Camden Town. There we had two hours to buy everything that we wanted. Somebody bought a T-Shirt which says “London”, others  bought  belts,  caps,  trainers , posters and other things. We saw different shops of fast food, clothes, shoes and other strange shops.

At 5:30  p.m. we met in front of Camden Town Station to come back home. It was a tiring and funny day.  If we can return to Camden Town, I think everybody will go there again.

Renier and Carles




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