Day 4



Always in contact with friends and family…


mmmmmm…. yummy!


Genius talk around Bloomsbury.


London weather!


I think we are not getting enough sleep…


The British Museum


We bumped into famous people… FAME!!!!!



Awesome! Spectacular! Incredible! A real show!

We went to school like everyday.
In the afernoon Stuart showed us a private garden and he explained
us some interesting things like where the first university for
women in the world was.
After that we went to see “The Lion King” that it was a very
great musical. The actors were dressed with extraordinary
clothes, it was amazing, there was a very young boy who played the role of Simba and he did it very well.
We caught the tube to return to our houses.
We really enjoyed the day.


Roger and Marc U.


Going back home, exhausted but happy.

The day started with tired faces because the night before we had gone to sleep at 12, and here in London it is very late!

After taking the underground, which is always full of people, we went to school. It was the first day we went without teachers but, fortunately, we didn’t get lost. Like every day, we learned new things, as how to pronounce the word “young” -which is not as easy as it seems- or talking about how to kill someone or rob a bank. That’s funny, isn’t it?

During the lunch we took a walk around the school and we discovered that it’s possible to huggle (regatejar) with pakis in a gift shop! The weather wasn’t good in the afternoon, when we did a short route around the streets near the school. Did you know that Harry Potter was published in Bloomsbury Street (right where our school is)? And that the house of Peter Pan is also there?

Well, under the rain we arrived to Covent Garden, a lovely and smart area full of boutiques and restaurants. After having dinner where we found a seat, it was time for another musical: The Lion King. No words: you must see it. It was spectacular, wonderful, emotional, and the costumes were really beautiful!

It has been another fantastic but exhausting day, so we just lied on bed at home, we fell asleep in a few seconds.


Ivete Parera and Mònica

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