7 thoughts on “Personal information

  1. Marisol Paton

    my name is Marisol.I am is estudent.I am twenty-seven yers.I am from Barcelona(spanish)

  2. Pol Montero

    Good morning,

    I am Pol, I am student, Iam seventeen years old. I leave in Sant Climent de llobregat

  3. Agata Sanchez

    My name is Agata, I’m thirty-two years, I live in Reus but from I come Barcelona.

  4. plumbers in stoke on trent

    interesting video, its good to see people wanting to learn the english language. obviously with practice the participants will become more relaxed and not over extenuate the pronunciation
    of the words used, which if this manner were to be used in the UK would be found very irritating.

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