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Can you tell me the way to…?”

“Could you tell me the way to…?”

“Do you know how to get to…?”

In this programme, we look at language you can use when asking for and giving directions.


I am looking for a place to eat

I am looking for a…

Mark: Well. I am hungry. I am going to go outside and get something to eat.
One of the Locals: Hello. How long have you been here?
Mark: Hello. Hello.
The Local Guy: Hi there. Are you having a good time?
Mark: Hi. Who are you?
The Local Guy: My name is Alec.
Mark: Alec. Mark. How are you?
The Local Guy: Nice to meet you.
Mark: Nice to meet you too.
The Local Guy: Are you having a great time?
Mark: I am having a great time.
The Local Guy: It is a nice day, isn’t it?
Mark: You are one of the locals here, are you?
Alec: That is right. I am one of the locals.
Mark: Ok. Ok. Maybe you can help me.
The Local Guy: I will try.
Mark: I am hungry. I am looking for a place to go…like a restaurant.
Alec: Well, if you just turn around, behind you is a restaurant.
Mark: Right ok. Right.
The Local Guy: What do you want to eat though?
Mark: What is nice to eat around here?
The Mosquito City-ite: Traditional Mosquito cuisine. It is the best you can imagine. You want to try it. Check it out.
Mark: Ok. What kind of food?
The Local: Anything. You know. It is all delicious. Are you a vegetarian?
Mark: No, I eat anything.
The Local: You like to eat a bit of meat.
Mark: I eat anything. I like vegetarian.
The Local: For the vegetarian or meat-eater. They cater for everyone.
Mark: This place here?
The Local: That is the place.
Mark: I am going to go in. Thanks a lot.
Alec: Thanks a lot. Bye.