Unit 7
1 If you kick another football player, you might break his leg.
2 I have to study French if I want to live in France.
3 If your mum takes notes at the doctor’s, she won’t forget anything.
4 If someone breaks into your car, you’ll need to contact the police.
5 If you send in a photo to the newspaper, put your name and address on the back.
1 The sun will rise in the East as long as the Earth continues on its orbit.
2 I will go on holiday provided that / providing the train tickets aren’t too expensive.
3 I will take a class photo on condition that everyone turns up.
4 Judy will play tennis on Saturday unless it rains.
1 If you spent less time playing video games, you would get good marks.
2 If your room wasn’t/weren’t a mess, it would be possible to find things.
3 You could meet your friends if your mother wasn’t/weren’t angry with you.
4 If you ate fruit or vegetables, you would have more energy.
1 My friends would have moved to Spain if they’d been able to find a job there.
2 If the students hadn’t done their work, they wouldn’t have been able to go on the field trip.
3 Paula would have visited her grandparents in England if her flight hadn’t been cancelled.
4 Rebecca would have arrived on time if she hadn’t forgotten her passport.
1 If the tea hadn’t been cold, we could have drunk it.
2 If I didn’t do a lot of exercise, I wouldn’t be tired.
3 If we hadn’t been late, we would have seen the film.
4 If I didn’t take a short break every hour, I would get very tired.

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