Interactive reading

STeP stands for Standadized Test Practice. These English listening activities are designed to help students prepare for Standardizes Tests of English and become accustomed to exercises used to test listening and reading comprehension on TOEFL®, TOEIC® and IELTS®.
Reading strategies

Click “start a lesson”, choose subject ” reading estrategy” and select level “intermediate”
These check reading questions will help you to improve your reading comprehension and develop an ability to make inferences.

 Reading for understanding

Click “start a lesson”, choose subject ” reading for understanding” and select level “intermediate”
It helps you master specific reading skills: main idea, factual recall, vocabulary, sequence, inference, and drawing conclusions.

Vocabulary in context sentences

Click “start a lesson”, choose subject ” vocabulary in context sentences” and select level “intermediate”
It will help you master commonly confused and misused words such as: accept or except and precede or proceed.

Magazine archive

Choose an article and read it. Then do the comprehension questions.

You can also  listen  to the reading on your computer and do double-click on the words you don’t understand