Before we begin to read the novel, we need to develop our prior knowledge about some important points related to the novel.
We will be working in pairs to produce a power point presentation about one of these topics. Each pair will become the expert on their topic and share the most important information with the class. The class will be responsible for all the information presented.


0. The historical setting of the novel.

1. Mary Shelley
She is an unusual woman from an unusual family. research her life and how the story of Frankenstein came about. What challenges did Shelley face in her life that might have influenced her writing? What was unique about her life that might have influenced her writing? What is unusual about Shelley and her writing?

2. Is Frankenstein a Gothic novel?
First, look up the word “gothic” or “Gothicism” in a dictionary and write its definition. You can use
Gothic literature is a specific form of literature that lends itself to the Frankenstein story. Include information about the time period, writing style, conventions, and subject matter of the Gothic novel.

3. The science of the Frankenstein monster.
It is based in the fact of the time. Research theories on the regeneration of life. For something to be science fiction needs to be an element of possibility. The science is there to support the story. What science is the foundation of the novel Frankenstein? How do scientists view these concepts today? Cloning cells,…

4. The Prometheus Myth
This is Mary Shelley’s alternative title for the novel. Find out what the Prometheus myth is and how it might relate to Frankenstein’s monster.

5. What is science fiction?
Frankenstein is the first science fiction story. What makes it science fiction? Develop a definition of science fiction and evaluate Frankenstein as a science fiction story.

6. Romantic movement.
Why was it called Romantic movement? What did it have to do with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? Mention the influence of Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, John Polidori in Mary Shelley’s Frankentein and their stay in Geneva. What did they write there?
What advances in medicine and science were taking place? Mention Galvani and Aldini.

You must include a list of the sources with your power point. Any material directly copied must be cited in text. You will be expected to cite your sources – pictures and text.


The final product will be a power point presentation for the class that is five to ten slides long.
All group members will present the information.
All direct quotes and pictures are cited.
A list of the sources is included as the last slide of the power point.

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