Once Upon a Time ….

Children love books , so why not to use the e-books in our lessons?
E-books help them discover the joy and power of reading because they are lively, beautifully illustrated and Flash animated. Words highlight while they read or sing to make it easier for kids to follow along.
They are fun-to-read stories and provide an opportunity for children to discover how much they can enjoy and learn by reading.
With on-line stories, we can prepare a wide variety of activities to use in our English lessons:
Listening comprehension

Reading comprehension


Introducing/reviewing vocabulary , etc.
And we can extend them to other curricular subjects: Art, Maths, Science, Music, etc.
Have a look at a compilation of web pages that include learning resources related to stories:

LCF Clubs Practice Zone – Easy stories on-line.

Storyline Online
Leading to reading
Reading is fundamental
Learnenglish Kids Stories
Kizclub. Story props
Funbrain Reading

and lots more at:
http://www.xtec.es/crle/05/05_4p.htm (Primary)
http://www.xtec.es/crle/05/05_4c.htm (Kindergarten)

Extra reading:

Please feel free to add more interesting web addresses !!! and of course tell us your comments and ideas!!!

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