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Update your English! Keep the use of ICT up!

Teachers of a foreign language never stop being in touch with the learnt language, English in this case. Maybe the level of English is very good or perhaps it is a little bit rusty and a little of update is needed or just we want to practise it a little more. Some sites below provide resources to improve English.
Listening comprehension:

The Sounds of English: an Introduction to English Phonetics.   To learn the phonetics and its symbols.

BBC News (
Speaking in Tongues is a 25-part radio series about language from International House Barcelona, broadcast on Saturday mornings by Radio Free Barcelona on 107.7 FM.The series, featuring a number people in the Teacher Training Department, discusses a range of different topics relating to language, language learning and language teaching.If you want to listen to some of these discussions, you have to go to:
English Listening Comprehension Quizzes
Australia Network is offering video podcasts (or vodcasts) of our popular English Bites program on a free trial basis.
Randall’s ESL page, that can be also easily used in the class with the students

Reading Comprehension:
The British Daily Telegraph:
The Daily Express:
The Guardian:
The Herald:
The Times:

On-line writing activities:
English Exercises Online:
Online Writing Lab: OWL –
ELC (English Language Centre) Study Zone:
English-Hilfen learn languages on-line:
Merriam-Webster’s online Dictionary:

About ICT Management:
Have a look at :
Materials de formació 2007
It offfers a wide range of guides for different courses on ICT tools (webQuest, Word Processing, webpage design, ICT workshops for Primary and kindergarten, Power point, etc.)


Linguasnet    English, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese FREE courses. Focuses on listening and speaking skills.