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Aproaching other subjects. CLIL

“This approach involves learning subjects or contents such as history, geography or others, through an additional language. It can be very successful in enhancing the learning of languages and other subjects, and developing in the youngsters a positive ‘can do’ attitude towards themselves as language learners”. (David Marsh)

In this section we will be able to find resources to enhance or support our practice as teachers teaching a subject or part of it, a content, etc. in English. They are very useful since children can watch small films, pictures, etc. that help to understant contents in a meaningful way, mainly visually as well as orally or written activities.IT’S VERY IMPORTANT TO BE AWARE OF:Most of the links offered are not specially designed for CLIL lessons in English! They are original versions used for english-speaking natives. That means very often teachers need to readapt the materials to be more useful in the lessons.Other times just using them as they are, it is good fun for our students.

Discover what you can find in the sites below:

CESIRE – CIREL  Centre of support to Language Innovation and Research in Education of the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Delicious CLIL Catalonia To give support to the implementation of CLIL in Catalan schools: subject matter activities and ready-to-use materials and lesson plans, methodology, teaching development, scaffolding tools, etc. collected and continuosly updated .

Mrs. PopCorn’s Page Powerpoint presentations to teach Science, Geagraphy and History.   Pete’s Power Point Station.

Please, do not miss this site! A full collection of free Power Point Presentations  for any subject.   Wide list of free science movies by Evergreen Elementary School , California

Welcome to the Kent ICT website.
We aim to support both teachers and pupils in the use of ICT across the curriculum by providing pages of resources, lesson ideas and links to ‘safe’ websites on the internet. We create and find the best Teaching and Learning resources on the internet – so YOU don’t have to!

Science in English  Lessons Plan, resources, ppt, materials ready to be used for CM and CS 

Kidipede – History and Science for kids  All about History and Science for Middle Schools kids

Neuroscience for kids – Find out about successful science fair projects and discover interesting Science links.

ScienceBob  –  Experiments, Videos, and Science Fair Ideas

Science Made Simple – Science Projects, ideas, topics and science fair projects. Easy kids science Projects and experiments. – Animated educational site for kids. Science, Maths, Social Studies, Literacy, health, Arts and Music, etc.  wonderful site for the Recycling topic – Educational games and activities for kids of all ages (several subjects)  – Useful site for all subjects to help children learn.  – Interesting resources for maths and some other. – Fun, interactive, and accessible from any Internet-ready computer.

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