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CupidCelebrate Valentine!! 😉

 “If you were a dictionary from the shelf
And I were looking through
I’d find the longest word of all
To spend more time with you “(Nicola and Jeanan)

If you were my present on Christmas Eve,
And I were the big red bow,
I would tie you up so tightly,
And never let you go.

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You should enjoy the cute little cupid in this St Valentine’s video
McMillan  DLTK’s Valentine’s Day Activities for kids.   Teachervision offers Valentine’s Day ACtivities, Printables and Resources to help teachers  Activities, Crafts, cards, Minibooks for preschool and Elementary School.  Memory games,  worksheets, cards, craft etc. from abcteach to enjoy Valentine.   Jigsaws, games, puzzles, colouring pages, toys and movies in The Kidz Page  Nice Valentine Resources for Young Learners by Sue LaBella