Welcome back and welcome to this new space: our English blog!

In this blog you’ll find:

– Many different English resources (on the right side menus):

  • Cross-curricular sites
  • Games & Songs
  • Online Dictionaries
  • Stories
  • Videos
  • Tourist information from English-speaking countries



A page for each of the following grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades (see the tabs above). These pages will be updated by your children at school, in the English class throughout the academic year.



But this blog is also meant to be a communication tool amongst pupils, families and the school.

This tab we’ll be frequently updated and we’d love you to take active part of it.

So, add this blog to the favourite sites of your browser and keep checking it frequently!






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15 Responses to OUR ENGLISH BLOG

  1. zuhaa says:

    hi rosa
    I love english I’m so glad you be our teacher of ENGLISH. I LOVE YOU AND ENGLISH
    BYE BYE …………

  2. zuhaa says:

    merry christmas rosa and ali
    bye bye ……………………………………………………………….

  3. Great selection of resources, congratulations for the blog :- )

  4. zuhaa says:

    Hello Rosa
    I liked this video of Help save their planet, eat a balanced diet its very funny .
    best regards

  5. zuhaa says:

    Hello Rosa
    I liked this video of Help save their planet, eat a balanced diet its very funny
    best regards

  6. Merce says:

    Very interesting blog!! So many resources, games, links …. Looking forward to explore all of them with my kids. All the best,

  7. zuhaa says:

    hello rosa
    you had a good idea for a blog english learn english Because so all we get with all the activities that you have in the blog
    best regards

  8. zuhaa says:

    Hello Rosa
    i liked the video of thats animals save the planet
    best regarts

  9. Sol says:

    nice blog and great idea! may I suggest that English teachers at the Fructuós speak in English all day long in any situation, of course during the class but even out of the classroom and also when they bump into a child out of school? You know, following the “one adult-one language” learning philosophy. Thank you!


      Thank you! We try to speak English all the time, though sometimes, especially in conflict-solving situations or in certain comprehension cases when there’s a real breakdown in communication between pupils and us, we tend to switch to Catalan.

  10. zuhaa says:

    Rose i liked all things of this bloc
    best regards

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