Last 17th and 24th April we went to Sagrada Família with the 6th graders to interview a minimum of five tourists per pupil.

We wanted to find out their nationality, age, the languages they can speak, if they like Barcelona and what they most and least like about our city.

In class, we’d worked on how to introduce ourselves, how to be polite, what to say if we didn’t understand them…

We talked to people from all over the world: Canada, USA, New Zealand, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Israel, Italy, Greece, Argentina, Korea

It was a challenging but fascinating experience.

We could prove ourselves that, YES, WE CAN speak and understand English.

Well done boys and girls!

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Theatre Workshop in English

A few weeks ago the fourth graders started a theatre workshop in English.

It’s great fun to learn English through theatre plays! We acquire new vocabulary and structures, we improve our reading comprehension skills and we enhance intonation, memory and body language! That’s why after Easter, the third and the fifth graders are going to start this workshop too.

Below you’ll find a link to some of the plays we’re working on. Click on the link and listen to the stories!

4th graders

A real cowboy

The hungry rat

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Jules Verne and the 5th and 6th graders

Our fifth and sixth graders are about to start a new adventure by the hand of Jules Verne.

The fifth graders are going to read “Around the World in 80 Days” and the sixth graders “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. In English, of course!

Both of them have a great journey ahead, full of surprises, mystery and adventure.

So take a seat, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for some action!

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Last 17th December, ECT (English Theatre Company) came to our school to perform the play “Just Another (Hollywood Victorian) Blockbuster” for our 5th and 6th graders.

J.A.B. is a comedy within a comedy. There are three main characters: Samantha, Brian and Sean. They’re friends and they’ve got their own small film production company. They have no money and very little experience.

One day they receive a letter from Hollywood. It’s a work offer to produce a horror movie. In the letter there’s also a big cheque.

Samantha, Sean and Brian have some ideas for the film. Frankestein, Dracula and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are some of these ideas.

The actors are young, expressive and close to pupils’ interests.

The play is very funny (hilarious indeed) and very interactive: pupils take part of the show all the time!

You can check ETC’s website here:








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Last Tuesday 23rd October, the 6th graders started working on “La Notícia”.

The first piece of news they analysed from two different sources was about Malala, a school student and education activist from the town of Mingora in Pakistan.

One of the 6th graders, moved by Malala’s case, found out that Amnistía Internacional is asking people around the world to write letters to Malala in Spanish or English to cheer her up and show her our support ( ).

We decided to write and sent the following letter to her:

” Dear Malala,

We are children from Fructuós Gelabert school in Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain.

How are you feeling? We hope you’re feeling better.

We heard about you in the news and we’ve been discussing your situation at school.

You’re very brave. We support you.

Don’t give up because you deserve the same rights as everybody.

Remember, you’re not abone we’re thinking about you!

Wishing you a fast recovery,

The 6th graders of Fructuós  Gelabert school”

What do you know about Malala?:

Where is she from? She’s from …

How old is she? She’s… years old.

What does she look like? (physical appearance) She’s got … hair/eyes. She’s tall/short…

What do you think she is like? (personality) I think she is…

What happened to her? Why is she in hospital?

Write something to support her.

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Visit to MEAM

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, Monopoly and Pictureka went to MEAM (Museu Europeu d’Art Contemporani).

They visited an amazing exhibition of realist, hyperrealist and photorealist art.

The paintings looked so real! They seemed real photos!




The museum is in the old Palau Gomis building, in Barra de Ferro Street.


It mainly exhibits contemporary art.












Have a look at some of the paintings (yes, paintings!) we can find in this museum:







Do you like these paintings?

Yes, I do. I think they are amazing.

Which one do you like the most?

Maybe the last one. I like its texture and colours. I like the man’s look too.

Do you like contemporary art?

Yes, I do. I think contemporary art usually has a surprising element that captivates me.

What do you prefer, abstract art or realist art?

Realist art is maybe easier for me to understand but I like both styles.

Do you like going to museums?

Yes, I do, especially if there’s a guide that explains you the visit.

What’s your favourite museum?

I haven’t got a favourite one.

HOW ABOUT YOU? Post a comment giving your opinion!

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Welcome back and welcome to this new space: our English blog!

In this blog you’ll find:

– Many different English resources (on the right side menus):

  • Cross-curricular sites
  • Games & Songs
  • Online Dictionaries
  • Stories
  • Videos
  • Tourist information from English-speaking countries



A page for each of the following grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades (see the tabs above). These pages will be updated by your children at school, in the English class throughout the academic year.



But this blog is also meant to be a communication tool amongst pupils, families and the school.

This tab we’ll be frequently updated and we’d love you to take active part of it.

So, add this blog to the favourite sites of your browser and keep checking it frequently!






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