Last Tuesday 23rd October, the 6th graders started working on “La Notícia”.

The first piece of news they analysed from two different sources was about Malala, a school student and education activist from the town of Mingora in Pakistan.

One of the 6th graders, moved by Malala’s case, found out that Amnistía Internacional is asking people around the world to write letters to Malala in Spanish or English to cheer her up and show her our support ( http://www.es.amnesty.org/actua/mensajes-malala/ ).

We decided to write and sent the following letter to her:

” Dear Malala,

We are children from Fructuós Gelabert school in Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain.

How are you feeling? We hope you’re feeling better.

We heard about you in the news and we’ve been discussing your situation at school.

You’re very brave. We support you.

Don’t give up because you deserve the same rights as everybody.

Remember, you’re not abone we’re thinking about you!

Wishing you a fast recovery,

The 6th graders of Fructuós  Gelabert school”

What do you know about Malala?:

Where is she from? She’s from …

How old is she? She’s… years old.

What does she look like? (physical appearance) She’s got … hair/eyes. She’s tall/short…

What do you think she is like? (personality) I think she is…

What happened to her? Why is she in hospital?

Write something to support her.

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  1. Beautiful way to support a brave girl, sure she will be encouraged by your letter 😉

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