After a long summer, September is back and so are our corners, games, role-plays and chats.

Are you ready? All abord, then! Adventure is about to start!

What can you tell us about your summer holidays? Where were you? What places did you visit? What did you do? Who did you go with? What did you most like?

I’m going to talk about my summer holidays. Post a comment and talk about yours!

Where were you?

Rosa: I was in Canary Islands and in Ordesa.

Ali: I was in England and Catalunya.

What places did you visit?

Rosa: I visited Tenerife, La Palma and many wonderful sites in Ordesa and Monte Perdido.

Ali: I visited London for a week, then spent lots of time in different places around Catalunya.

What did you do?

Rosa: In Tenerife I visited my brother, Miki. We went to the beach and to many other places! In Ordesa, I went trekking. I love trekking so we went on an excursion every single day! I also read some novels, listened to music, visited some friends, went to museums…

Ali: In London I visited my best friend and his wife. They have got a new dog called Flo and we spent a lot of time playing with her. We saw lots of our friends and went to some nice restaurants and fun parties. When I arrived back in Spain I travelled to some beautiful places in Catalunya. My favourite places were Girona, Sitges and Tossa de Mar. We went to the beach, ate lots of nice seafood and saw some wonderful buildings. I had a brilliant time!

Who did you go with?

Rosa: I went everywhere with my husband and my daughter.

Ali: I went to London on my own and I went to the places in Catalunya with my girlfriend.

What did you most like?

Rosa: I liked many things! I liked eating “mojo” in Canary Islands, I liked swimming in the sea with my daughter and I loved a place called “Roque de los Muchachos” in La Palma (see picture on your left side).

I also enjoyed a trekking to Cola de Caballo through Senda de los Cazadores and Faja de Pelay. If you have the chance, I strongly recommend it!

Ali: I liked everything! The thing I liked most was seeing my friends in England, we had lots of fun together. I really like food and one of my favourite places was a restaurant called ‘Mas Pou’ in a place called Palau-Sator, the place was beautiful and the food was amazing!

HOW ABOUT YOU? What did you do for your summer holidays?

Post a comment and tell us about your summer holidays. 



9 Responses to 6th GRADERS

  1. Joban says:

    I was in summer camp in mountains.
    I visited rivers, villages and mountains.
    I was playing, swimming in river and in swimming pool.
    I went with my other school.
    I most liked the river and play with my friends.

  2. zoe says:

    Last summer I was in Italy.
    I visited the Tower of Pisa and Venice.
    when I came back to Barcelona, I didn’t go through any cities, (by bad luck).
    In Italy I saw many important and not so important monuments.
    I went with my brother, my mother and my father.
    What I liked most was Venice.

  3. Mariona says:

    Last summer I went to Cather Counry (France).
    There were many mountains to climb.
    I visited museums, cities and castles.
    I had lunch and dinner in the restaurants.
    I most liked the swiming pool
    I went with my mam my dad and my sister.

  4. Pau Ginart says:

    I went to Mallorca.
    My family and I visited a village called “Son Serra de Marina”
    I climbed the mountain called “Mont Ferutx” and listened to music lying on the beach and swiminged.


  5. mario navarro gomez says:

    Where were you?
    I was in Catalunya ( Blanes )
    What places did you visit?
    I visited Camping Vella Terra
    What did you do?
    I went to the swimming pool
    Who did you go with?
    I was with my dad, step mother and dog.
    What did you most like?
    Y like suimmin pool

  6. Berta Mateos says:

    I was in Begis (Castelló).

    I visitit olther vilages.

    I went on some excursions and went swimming in rivers.

    I went with my family.

    I most like water fold the river.

  7. marina lian says:

    Last summer Iwent to Canaria.I visited my familymy cosin and my uncles.
    I went to the beach,I like beach! But I prefer swimming pool.
    I went to the museum and in museum I saw paintings.
    I ate a “mojo verde”,there are two diferents mojo but my I favorite mojo is “mojo verde”.

  8. Laura says:

    I went to Mallorca.
    My family and I visited the caves of Drach
    We did many things
    I’ve gone with my family
    One of the things i liked most was a beach that had many waves

  9. Alejandro says:

    I was in Malaga. In Malaga i visited my family,my father,my cosin and my uncle.
    I went to the beach,i don’t like beach!and i like swimming pool!!!!
    I went to the Selvo Aventura,selvo aventura is the Zoo,I fed giraffe,and i ate a pizza.
    I liked everything.
    I went to Malaga with my mum.

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