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Sweet Dreams

In this exercise we will comment on the differences between the two versions of the same song..

We’ll comment on the lyrics and certain grammatical structures.

Here we have the original version by Eurythmics:

And here we have Marylin Manson’s latter version:

Chasing cars, by Snow Patrol.

To do this activity we’ll watch a video by this group from Northern Ireland. It is related to a well-known tv series named Grey’s Anatomy.

Once we’ve seen the video, we’ll comment on the vocabulary and you have to do a search on : Northern Ireland, the group (Snow Patrol) and on the tv series. Try to gather some info and then produce your own summary (four sentences for each).

Jingle Bell Rock

Listen to this song and write a comment on the pictures.

Now, play the song again and try to get the meaning of the following words:
bushels; hop; giddy up; jingle; mingle.
Now, try to write down to pictures to illustrate this Xmas carol.
Merry Xmas!!!

Xmas is here!

Christmas is here again and we’ll take advantage of it to practice some listening comprehension.

To begin with, listen to the song that is played at the begining of the movie. Can you understand what it’s talking about?.

Now you can watch the cartoon and you’ll get the whole development of the story; you can play the cartoon as many times as you think necessary and then write a summary of the plot. What’s the topic of it? Try to name as many raindeers as possible.

Now you’ve finished; please, send me your comments on the activity.

Marry Xmas to you all!!!!