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Spooky Halloween Stories

Listen to the story and watch the video; then answer the following questions.

1. The first story bears a resemblance with Batman… in what sense?
2. What’s the problem in the first story?
3. There’s a mistake in the English word for “lladre”, can you find it?
4. What is the second story about?
5. Do you know the song in the third story?
6. Do you find the stories scary?

Billy and the Witch.

Listen to the story and answer the following questions:

1. Why are children scared of witches?
2. Who is thought to be the witch?
3. Why does he have to stay with a babysitter? What’s the sitter’s name?
4. Does Billy’s mum believe in witches?
5. Did the house look OK? Why?
6. The witch wants him to help her with …., which means …
7. Does the cat want to have a bath?
8. What’s the meaning of evilly?
9. What’s the meaning of starving?
10. What’s the end of the story?

This Is Halloween

Watch the movie trailer and answer the following questions:

1. Whom is this song addressed to?
2. The neighbors are gonna die of ….
3. Where is the first man hiding?
4. Where is the second man hiding?
5. What does werewolf ask us?
6. The witches tell us to roll the …..
7. Where does everybody screem? in our …….
8. What is everybody waiting for?

Sweet Dreams

In this exercise we will comment on the differences between the two versions of the same song..

We’ll comment on the lyrics and certain grammatical structures.

Here we have the original version by Eurythmics:

And here we have Marylin Manson’s latter version:

Subject – Object questions

There are some slight differences as regards the structure of questions depending on the grammatical function the answer will have.

The following exercices should help you to both understand and practice question making in English.

If there’s the chance of getting a score, write it down on your notebooks.

Chasing cars, by Snow Patrol.

To do this activity we’ll watch a video by this group from Northern Ireland. It is related to a well-known tv series named Grey’s Anatomy.

Once we’ve seen the video, we’ll comment on the vocabulary and you have to do a search on : Northern Ireland, the group (Snow Patrol) and on the tv series. Try to gather some info and then produce your own summary (four sentences for each).